Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ownership of the Media

I just overheard a young woman in Starbucks talking to what may have been her boyfriend, asking him if NBC is paid by the Democratic Party and Fox paid by the Republican Party.  He said neither is the case, so she asked, well then, which networks does the government own?  He responded that aside from PBS, they're just private and can give whatever opinions they like, so Fox can say Obamacare is socialist and NBC can say it's great.  She said "that's annoying."  She also added, "I hate Fox News."

This exchange is no big surprise, though.  One study showed, for example, that 80% of the public -- 80% -- don't know the number of U.S. Senators (even though it's a nice even number), and the ownership of the media is a comparatively complex question, really.

And the social-democratic left wants all of these people to vote collectively, or via their favorite politicians, on how to do everything, including things with your money.  And they think you're a fiend if you want to remove people from our public education system.

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