Monday, October 23, 2017

Ffffff Theatre!

Some entertainment options worth considering in NYC, especially for the politically-inclined, to keep you occupied while I am busy offline with a big project for a while (forgive me if I’m unresponsive):

FILMS: SmashCut CineFest features six short dramatic films with liberty themes, Tue., Oct. 24, 2017 from 6:30-9:30 (including post-screening Q&A). You can get VIP tickets here while they last.

FERGUSON: Ferguson is a staged reenactment, not based on media spin but using the actual witness transcripts, of the events that sparked riots near St. Louis in 2014 and arguments about race and policing thereafter. Scroll down at the right here to see your options including buying a ticket for the initial New York City run.

THE FIGHT: Playwright Jonathan Leaf tackles another politically volatile moment in history with his new play The Fight about sometimes-ugly schisms in the mid-twentieth-century feminist movement.

THE FLEA: In November and December, the small but talented playwrights group The Pool puts on productions such as Lynn Rosen’s Washed Up on the Potomac at the Flea Theater (20 Thomas St.). I don’t know if they have actual political connections, but I’ve got photographic evidence the group’s launch party was in a hip-looking apartment.

THE FOUNTAINHEAD: I can only imagine what the Toneelgroep Amsterdam is going to do to reinvent Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead as a deconstructionist stage production at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, but I will risk finding out.

THE FUTURE: I will also one day soon enough host real-world events of my own again. In the meantime look for my weekly columns on Splice Today. Eventually, I will reemerge with that ten-part, 10,000-word blog essay I promised to put on and more. (And of course: please read my book.)