Todd Seavey is a writer, ghostwriter, editor, media/politics consultant, and speaker serving real clients when not posting things at ToddSeavey.com. He often writes about politics or science -- but has done everything from advertising to comic books -- and he lives in New York City.

Crucially, he also hosts the DIONYSIUM events in Williamsburg, onstage variety/philosophy events to which all are welcome. They may be the crucible for whatever comes next. (Perhaps you'd like to hire him to host your event as well.)

He can be reached by e-mailing his first and last name with no space or period in between at Earthlink dot net.  (Find him on Twitter and Facebook as well.)

REMEMBER, though: e-mail can fail, some people check Facebook more often than others, and Twitter rarely sends me notifications if I'm mentioned in a tweet.  I'm sure you'll get ahold of me if you need me.


Matthew J. Gossman said...

Mr. Seavey. Just saw your panel with Jonah Goldberg and the authors from "Proud to be Right," and wanted to drop you a line in the spirit of punk-rock conservative solidarity. My own blog is in-fact subtitled "a conservative punk rock punch in the mouth," and I had thought I was the only one. So, thank you for making me feel less lonesome, and if you are interested I'd like to direct you to a blog post you might find interesting: http://mjgossman.wordpress.com/2009/09/08/the-punk-rock-betrayal/ Thanks for your time.

Michael Mullane said...


You are such a geek. No wonder you are a single white conservative with no sense of a personal life to be found anywhere. Just saw your geeky dweeby rant on CSPAN. Wow, you define the word DORK. Wowza are you an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I just saw the clip of you on C-SPAN. Do you still call yourself a man when you look in the mirror?

Anonymous said...

Will you marry me?

Bruce Majors said...

I'd rather just start with a drink, but Anonymous has always been rather easy