Monday, January 26, 2015

Lucy, Seavey, plus Kennedy

I’m devoting most of my time to ghostwriting this year, but:

•Lucy, for her part, has also been named the fourth-hottest libertarian woman of the year by Austin Petersen (no doubt causing her some feminist mixed feelings).

•And though libertarian Kennedy is for some reason not on the list this year, she may be consoled by the fact that she has a new (more streamlined, eponymous, solo-hosted) show starting on Fox Business Network tonight and continuing every weeknight at 10pm Eastern (while Stossel moves to Friday at 9pm).

•That’s assuming anyone in New York City survives the catastrophic hell-blizzard happening today (likely overhyped, as the late Dr. Elizabeth Whelan usually rightly predicted). It’s perfectly suited for welcoming a former VJ and her husband, avid snowboarders, relocated from the West Coast.

•And there’s that mountain-sized asteroid passing relatively close to the Earth tonight, too, but that should be no hassle at all. (As for what that sort of luminous, smallish disc directly overhead that wasn’t the moon one night last month was, I don’t know, but best not to worry about it.)

•And if you’re stuck indoors because of the snow, feeling like a Yeti and needing more to watch than Lucy and Kenendy, might I nostalgically suggest a few minutes of Steve Austin vs. Bigfoot

Friday, January 2, 2015

Third Trilogy Achieved

Well, at least we made it to the year that the third Star Wars trilogy begins. If anything else important happens, I will update.