Wednesday, April 6, 2005

DEBATE AT LOLITA BAR: "Does the Whole World Need Western-Style Democracy?"

Is democracy spreading in the Middle East and elsewhere (thanks in part to Bush/U.S. efforts) — or has our habit of intervening overseas begun a “countdown to infinite crisis”? Discuss this and related topics at our next event:

DEBATE: Does the Whole World Need Western-Style Democracy?
YES: Alex Jacobson
NO: John Carney
Moderator: Richard Ryan

DATE/TIME: Wed., April 6, 8pm
PLACE: Downstairs at Lolita bar, n.e. corner of Broome and Allen St.s (one block south and three west of the Delancey F stop on Manhattan’s Lower East Side) — free admission, cash bar

P.S. (trying to provide at least some entertainment for those who can’t make it to NYC events): The night of 4/6 also affords a close-enough opportunity, wherever you are, to toast the sixteenth birthday of my parents’ dog, Uber, who entered this world on April Fool’s Day 1989 — just as an earlier wave of democratization began toppling socialism in Eastern Europe. Uber is now blind, deaf, arthritic, and living with five cats, but her sense of smell is uncanny, she still goes for long walks, her mind is no more vegetative than it ever was, and freedom marches on.

(NOTE: The above was sent as a mass e-mail in the days prior to the debate and was posted on this blog retroactively in April 2007. Click here for other Debates at Lolita Bar.)