Wednesday, August 1, 2012

“Month of Partisanship” starts off a bit less partisan without Gore Vidal

Two clips (the first brought to my attention by Danny Hellman) of the late Gore Vidal pissing people off, no doubt posted by half the people on the Internet but still worthwhile:

Ironically, Buckley and Vidal had rather similar demeanors.  I saw Vidal interviewed onstage by Maureen Dowd in Austin, TX several years ago, and, well, I’ll just say the show was not entitled Humility.

People forget, I think (since he was on the left) that his strange and radical mix of views included the conviction that the white race should unite across the divides of political and economic systems in order to combat the menace of the Asian horde (maybe I’ll do my part to thwart his brand of nationalism by buying the final issue of Justice League International today and going to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel bar tonight).

At the same time, his opposition to American empire and to Lincoln’s militarism has earned him some paleoconservative admirers, I gather – and I would guess he was an influence on leftist-yet-racist anti-imperialist George Lucas.  So in a sense Gore Vidal also gave us Phantom Menace.  Truly he has been influential.

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