Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My fiction on Liberty Island. Jesse Jackson’s fiction on Daily Caller.

I have a birthday this summer, despite International Youth Day coming up – and taking a page from the Obama re-election campaign, I’m going to suggest that you show your enthusiasm not by mailing me lavish gifts but by donating to a nascent libertarian/conservative-friendly literary website, Liberty Island.

Even though this site is scheduled to run a fiction piece by me about time travel, this donation idea is far more ethical than the Jesse Jackson financial shenanigans I wrote about yesterday on TheDailyCaller.

But the next two paragraphs are how the editors of Liberty Island describe it (and how to donate):

Liberty Island is a new fiction magazine, launching soon, that will identify and publish the best of a new generation of politically independent and culturally contrarian writers. These talented storytellers are at work in a wide range of genres, including thriller, crime, fantasy, mystery, adventure, science fiction, historical and political fiction – even western and romance. Independent in all senses of the word, they are cultural insurgents who are using the tools of digital technology to circumvent and challenge the mainstream publishing establishment.

Liberty Island exists to identify, promote, and introduce these new writers to a likeminded audience that shares their tastes and values – specifically the values of liberty, individualism, and American exceptionalism. If you want to help us build our site and start commissioning new work, please consider making a small donation through Start.AC: http://start.ac/liberty-island.

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