Monday, August 27, 2012


I will not weary you with details, but the death of Neil Armstrong has, as noted by Gawker, brought forth yet another insane subculture -- not just the longstanding bunch who think the moon landing was fake but (because crazy always gotta get more crazy) the booming subculture of people who believe the moon is a hologram. (Like every other subculture, they have YouTube videos, some clearly created by schizophrenics.) 

There is some overlap with the smaller sect that believes the entire sky is a hologram -- and that jets leaving "chemtrails" behind them all over the place are somehow facilitating the sky-illusion (either by making the sky or addling our minds). 

I am reminded that the line in ads for the movie The Ninth Configuration, about an asylum, that most disturbed me as a child was an astronaut character shouting "There's nothing up there!" It was meant to be alarming because he was referring to God. Budding atheist that I was, though, I found it far, far more disturbing that he seemed to be suggesting that despite appearances there is nothing in outer space. 

In adulthood, what disturbs me is that nearly everyone except me is insane.  (I will find solace in tonight's brainy Dionysium crowd.)

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