Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Post-Partisan Vision for the "Month of Partisanship"

My prediction – and I will only say "I told you so" after biotech or cybernetic enhancements enable us to live another 400 years or so: people in the future will not put much effort into keeping track of the differences between Nazis, Communists, Islamists, socialists, social democrats, New Dealers, liberal welfare-statists, and supply-siders who wanted more military spending. 

They'll say: the twentieth century was dominated by unsustainable big government in numerous forms, and it took a few decades thereafter to collapse. The specific factions will largely fade from memory, like so many Trotskyite splinter factions, Enlightenment-era philosophe cliques, and monarchical family lines – forgotten because virtually no one would dream of revisiting those idiotic approaches, once people are no longer habituated and inured to them.

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