Monday, May 2, 2011

Rand, Me, Animals, Vegans, and Blog Comments

Yesterday was a great blow against a living embodiment of coercion, which comes in forms other than the state, we must remember.  It's all right for everyone from Democrats to Republicans to libertarians to be on the same side in thinking that.  

On Facebook (where coincidentally, some of you will now see a photo of me with perhaps the most fiercely antiwar person I've met, Dan McCarthy from American Conservative), I said in a comment just the other day that Hayek and Keynes, though they did not rap together in real life, did perform watch duty together, keeping an eye out for Nazi bombers over London -- and even our fiercest economic disagreements are trivial compared to our disagreement with homicidal evils like the Nazis and al Qaeda.

But tonight at 6pm is nonetheless an NYU debate between liberal Ezra Klein and Objectivist John Allison.   And speaking of Rand...

This article almost makes it sound as though my friend Kyle Smith is the only reason for the beleaguered producer of the Rand films to carry on and make Parts II and III of Atlas Shrugged.

You know, by my crude calculations, only around 300,000 people saw the Atlas Shrugged movie -- about half the number who watched a YouTube clip from my C-SPAN2 appearance when it first appeared last year.  If I had only foreseen that, I would have said more about the importance of property rights or something.

And I think COMMENTS THREAD PROBLEMS ON THIS BLOG HAVE BEEN RESOLVED, so you can even post your own version of Galt's speech, if indeed you are inspired by any of the entries I post during this "Month of Animals" on the blog, which I admit will mostly just be stupid cat clips and the like -- but really good ones, so keep watching. 

Maybe some vegans will start an interesting debate or something.  They know better than anyone that the Internet is for porn for video clips of silly animals.

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