Friday, May 13, 2011

Chewie Raps, Granny Cares, Dinos Fight, Canada Mellows

•Chewbacca raps: "Let a Wookiee Win."

•In other geek news, tonight's the two-hour Smallville finale, after ten (mediocre) years.  I like the fact the show makes Anti-Life apostle Granny Goodness (seen throughout the second half of this clip) seem aggressively grandmotherly instead of like Jack Kirby in armor (while also in drag), the way she does in the comics. 

And I have to admit they even improved on Grant Morrison's improvement of the basic rationale for that set of seemingly-random Jack Kirby villains, making them a trinity of evil heralds for Darkseid afflicting mind, body, and spirit, respectively: Granny Goodness, DeSaad, and Glorious Godfrey (which they make a point of pronouncing like "God-free").  But will this Friday the 13th evening see the usually light show display even a moment of the kind of vicious, sadistic, almost Lovecraftian darkness Morrison gave these villains in Final Crisis?

•Speaking of Morrison improving on Kirby, Morrison's new movie project sounds like the closest thing the world's yet seen to a movie version of Kirby's Devil Dinosaur, one of my childhood favorites.

•On the topic of childhood influences: the more I meet like-minded semi-Canadians such as fellow libertarian Tricia Summers (celebrating a birthday tomorrow), the more I think we New Englanders -- and Pacific Northwesterners -- aren't just secular and mellow, I think we're de facto Canadians, superficial political differences aside.  Sometimes region matters more.  So I really should stop picking on Canada, especially with the merger coming and all.

I took a break from my "Week of Cats" entries today, but tomorrow I'll finish with a truly strange cat feat (aw, cat feet!).

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Gerard said...

So I really should stop picking on Canada, especially with the merger coming and all.