Friday, May 6, 2011

Gorillas, Bear, and Bigfoot

What could be more pulp/comics-like than yesterday’s epic Book Selections entry?  How about this?

Bigfoot is ostensibly man-like (or at least ape-like, or monkey-like or whatever), but remember that real conflict between Man and non-human animal rarely looks like that phony Bigfoot/bear battle.  As this article noted by Kelly Jane Torrance reminds us, too often in the real world Man’s war with Nature takes the form of a guy arrested for stabbing a goat while high on bath salts and wearing a bra and panties (sort of sounds like a scene from the Book of Genesis, reviewed in that same blog entry from yesterday I mentioned earlier).

Since this entry has been a tad unscientific, I’ll compensate with an animal video tomorrow from one of my former employers, the American Council on Science and Health

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