Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cat Parkour

Here’s a (fake) cat doing parkour (the building-leaping “free running” used in so many action movies in recent years).  Here, aside from a few seconds of that ad, are cases of real cat parkour.  

Once, I might have looked to my friends who do urban exploration, such as the authors of Invisible Frontier, in hopes of finding people willing to learn parkour, but the post-9/11 world – even now that it’s post-bin Laden – is not a hospitable place in which to pull urban exploration stunts, as a few people learned just the other day. 

But then, PiecesofFlair founder Meredith Kapushion says she watched a live parkour demonstration once and spent much of the time marveling at the injury rate and thinking, “That shouldn’t bend that way.”  Today, on International Nurses Day, let us be grateful there are people to pick up the pieces. 

Tomorrow: Chewbacca.

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