Sunday, May 29, 2011

Brown Factoids on the Last Day of my Reunion Trip

•As if to make me feel old, just prior to the Brown reunion I’m heading back from in a few hours as you read this, fellow libertarian Corie Whalen noted on my Facebook page that her brother’s just entering the school in the fall.  I suggested he read the oldest eight of my Retro-Journal entries to get a feel for the place as it was.

•Another tweeting libertarian, Kristina Ribali, who I was lucky enough to meet in person two weeks ago in DC, retweeted this item recently that will make many, many people feel old.

•One famous student listed on the “List of Brown University People” Wikipedia page, I noticed recently, who is not quite accurately described, is “Brian Griffin – actor, Family Guy,” no doubt added by a wiseacre.

•Dan Greenberg, one of my fellow philosophy majors back in the day, notes that H.P. Lovecraft’s house in Providence is up for sale.  Nice place aside from the shoggoths, needless to say. 

•I’m not quite finished with Brown, since my Book Selections of the Month entry for June, coming up in just three days, will include the film Ramen Girl, written by Becca Topol, a fellow Brown alum I dated years ago.  

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