Monday, May 23, 2011

Angry Birds, Pomplamoose, and Comics

The Angry Birds theme song has been covered by the precious-sounding lo-fi band Pomplamoose, notes Gerard Perry (if birds don’t do it for you, Diana Fleischman notes this boogieing turtle).  

I’ll see the band in Williamsburg on June 24, but today being Victoria Day, I can’t help thinking they sound as if they could be from Montreal.  They aren’t, but I’ll tell you who is: libertarian comics creator Chester Brown, who is apparently supportive of Canadian prostitutes in ways that go beyond mere principle.  His latest graphic novel is about his history of paying for sex.  Indeed, he apparently hasn’t had sex without paying for it since the mid-90s (I’ve heard Montreal is a good place for that). 

Lest you think this is standard practice among libertarians, I should note I’ve never paid for sex and never would (people are callous enough about sex as it is) – but being a New York City-dwelling media guy, I am friends with an ex-prostitute (and she is far from my strangest acquaintance), Tracy Quan, who can be seen interviewing Brown here


If his life has been turned into a comic book, I hope it won’t be riddled with continuity errors, like the life of this man described by the Onion.  Speaking of biographical errors, I think it’d be funny if they tried to salvage that birther book Where’s the Birth Certificate? by slipping an insert photocopy of the recently-revealed long-form certificate into each copy of the book, and maybe slap a sticker on the cover saying “IT’S INSIDE!  FREE!”

Speaking of free bonuses and continuity errors, since it appears DC Comics may be rebooting their fictional universe’s history again in September, I think they should consider launching not just a Green Lantern: Hal Jordan comic but also a Green Lantern: YOU comic, filled with blank pages in which the reader can chronicle his own adventures as a member of the thousands-strong intergalactic police force, and the comic could come packaged with a plastic green power ring and a bag of crack. 

The rumors are flying that DC will cancel many comics (some of these things sell fewer than 10,000 copies a month – almost anything not involving some variation on the Justice League characters, in fact), restart other comics from issue #1, and maybe even seize the opportunity to alter Superman’s backstory a bit so that they owe fewer royalties to his creators’ estates (DC apparently not having full ownership of the very first issue of Action Comics from 1938 but controlling all concepts introduced to the series after that, or something along those lines).  I just want them to simplify Hawkman.  How hard would it be to have the Egypt-based WWII version die circa 1969 and get reincarnated on the planet Thanagar, instead of having the two of them walking around at the same time? 

No Spider-Man-type stuff tomorrow, though, I promise.  Instead: an actual spider!

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