Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Eagles and a Dead Squirrel

All right, well, I can’t find the wolf-vs.-bald-eagle footage I had seen before (an apt metaphor for the eternal struggle between the SS and Captain America), but lest you think such combat implausible, check out this slightly alarming clip of an eagle killing a mountain goat.

And now that you know what eagles can do, you will find more disturbing than you otherwise would have this footage of a bald eagle hanging out with an amusingly unfazed housecat.  Cats are so cool.  So cool that they’re stupid, sometimes.

Remember, people: mammal solidarity is the only thing that can stop the feathered enemy.  Do not let your guard down, even for a moment.  Well, at the same time, you might not want to get as cozy with other mammals as the little girl holding a dead squirrel is in this odd video clip (noted by Pamela Stubbart).  Why are her parents so calm?

Tomorrow: dogs, in an entry I call “Men vs. Bitches.”

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