Saturday, May 7, 2011

Bears’ “Gonn-ads,” Maus, and More

Here’s an ACSH video I noted before with the Xtra Normal bears talking about paranoia about their “gonn-ads” being affected by chemicals (90 sec.).  I believe a staffer who co-wrote that went on to work at Murdoch’s Daily, so you see how ACSH can be a launching pad for hot media careers.

Meanwhile, mice – or rather Maus – is used to discuss the serious issue of Holocaust today at an event going on at this very moment about the practice of Holocaust Remembrance, at which Art Spiegelman appears and my fellow Brown alum Tim Snyder will boldly lecture about how ritualized remembrance can sometimes hinder the investigation required for serious scholarship (holding the event this past Sunday, Holocaust Remembrance Day, might have seemed more fitting – but then they couldn’t talk about bin Laden’s death, a wrinkle worth throwing into the conversation).

As long as I’ve veered back into politics, though, here’s something more my speed: Read this comparison of Reaganomics to Obamanomics by Peter Ferrara.  (No econ vs. econ, though, on this blog tomorrow: instead, it’ll be bear vs. bear!)

I must skip the Snyder talk due to a prior engagement in Williamsburg, but I will think of the eternal hipster-Hasidim war while I’m there.  By tradition, being in Williamsburg on Saturday helps compensate for the considerable hipness points I lost by spending last night watching Smallville and tweeting at libertarians about Thor.  It's a purity thing.

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