Monday, May 9, 2011

Mortal Cat, Immortal Tricksters

A “Week of Cats” within my “Month of Animals” is clearly necessary, and we begin with a link tweeted on April Fool’s Day by Nathan Fillion.

Speaking of tricksters – in myth, Odin was an even worse one than Loki, according to this assistant prof who, I will have you know, is an expert on folklore and ancient mythology (here contrasting the movie Thor with the mythological one – and with the drunken liars who surrounded Thor in those myths, no formula for a healthy parent-child relationship and not a reliable way to forge a hero).

And to compensate for the fact that this is largely a month of stupid video clips of animal doing silly things, here’s a relatively noble and serious item: a cat who needs your help to afford his rabies quarantine (who was tweeted about by Mary Katharine Ham, a.k.a. the funny political reporter who first posted a clip of my C-SPAN2 appearance last year).  The fundraising drive ends Saturday!

Tomorrow on this blog, though: quite simply the greatest cat video of all time, in my opinion.  Don’t miss it.


Gerard said...

" myth, Odin was an even worse one than Loki."

Might this have something to do with the popularity of the latter, at least in terms of online pseudonyms used for non-comic message boards?

Just an observation.

Todd Seavey said...

Despite Odin's bad behavior, Loki's still the trickster god, which I suppose makes him a natural as a pseudonym for the trouble-prone, whereas when you map these characters onto Judaeo-Christian thinking, All-Father Odin inevitably gets thought of as a Yahweh-analogue, I suppose (a topic we should discuss when I host a debate on paganism and Christianity in a few months, if all goes according to plan).

Or it might just be that Loki was the bad guy in all those comics.