Sunday, March 31, 2013

Time of Renewal

I attended a very nice, non-threatening, quasi-Easter, Unitarian service with a very lovely Unitarian (the symbol behind the altar is almost a cross; the detailed sermon tale about literally-underground Jews in Ukraine hiding from the Nazis was almost a Passover story; and the tale of the empty tomb – much like Jesus Christ Superstaralmost ended with a resurrection).

I feel almost like I'm back in my native mellow New England (birthplace of transcendentalism, whatever exactly that is) instead of here on the Upper East Side.

But now, at this traditional time of renewal, I very rapidly do the apartment's long-overdue spring cleaning to prepare for the arrival of one of the multiple(?!) converts to Catholicism I know. And tomorrow, the day that to many trolls really best symbolizes changed perspectives and the embrace of new truths, April Fool's Day, I swear I kick the Blogger/Facebook/Twitter/e-mail addiction and get a bunch of other long-overdue work done, hoping you forgive my delays as I forgive yours.

P.S. Also, two nights ago I saw an Upper East Side yuppie couple taking a photograph of their dog's poop on the sidewalk. Yea, and so we are reminded that there is beauty in even the lowest parts of our universe, due to the bounty provided by Nature or whatever or Whoever or the dog or such or what have you.

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