Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Congrats to Monsanto on the legislation signed today preventing them being barred from engaging in productive trade every time some yahoo files another lawsuit calling for further regulatory review of (vital, harmless) biotech. The foes are Luddites, the endless lawsuits and calls for unscientific guilty-until-proven-innocent reviews nonsense.

The fact that some libertarians have jumped on the anti-Monsanto bandwagon is a sad reminder that some libertarians more closely resemble the "paranoid" stereotype than the "rationalist" stereotype. I'll happily take the latter caricature if I must pick one.

And it is troubling indeed that some libertarians, in behavior that would be unbecoming even in an enviro-lefty, will pick and choose which industries' libertarian impurity to freak out about on grounds having nothing to do with their degree of deviation from market ideals – selectively complaining about biotech being subsidized or engaging in lobbying, as if the same couldn't be said about everything from sofa manufacturing to vacuum cleaners.

There'd be no need for socialists to destroy capitalism if free-marketeers eliminated every industry currently entangled with government. We'd have destroyed industrial civilization all by ourselves.

By all means get rid of government, but stop quaking in fear of wretched hippie.

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