Sunday, March 24, 2013

Left Denounces Other Leftists as White Male “Bro-gressives”

Our world is an increasingly complex and stupid one: Salon and some other pro-Obama operations have decided to smear those among their fellow leftists who support Rand Paul's anti-drones position by falsely implying that the supporters do so because they are white and male.

They've even coined the term "bro-gressives" to describe those Paul supporters (which I guess is supposed to work a bit like "Oreo" -- authentic progressives presumably knowing enough to avoid being male). Who would have foreseen (say, thirty years ago) that the day would come when being a leftist who is opposed to an aspect of militarism gets you marginalized for being a white male?

Freddie DeBoer points out a blog that retorts by compiling comments from many non-white and/or non-male supporters of the Rand Paul filibuster (including Rachel Maddow, who is still terrible in my book but for reasons having nothing to do with her being white and male).

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