Tuesday, March 5, 2013

DIONYSIUM 3/11: Should We Love Drones?

Hear two Dionysium speakers on the topic of our omnipresent new frenemies in the sky:

•pro-drone Mary Madigan (Twitter: @marypmadigan): blogger, private pilot, and author of the sci-fi book-in-progress Don’t Run, We Are Your Friends

•anti-drone Pamela Stubbart (Twitter: @amelapay): libertarian philosopher, educator, and entrepreneur

with ample audience discussion led by your host, Todd Seavey, Monday, March 11, 8pm, at the Muchmore's performance space (2 Havemeyer St., just three blocks east of the very first L subway stop into Brooklyn, the Bedford Ave. stop, with craft beers and more)

Will terrorists overseas continue to be taken out by drones, to the delight of most Americans?  Will certain foreign leaders (not Chavez, of course)?  Will YOU, friend?  (And why should we be impressed by UFO buffs claiming they saw lights in the sky henceforth, by the way?)

P.S. Many of the developments to be discussed Monday night are of course shrouded in secrecy and cover-ups (just ask Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks), but we will not be doing any cover songs at Muchmore’s, as those are one of countless things that can lead to lawsuits these days, per the sad sign from the space we’re using, seen in the photo nearby.  Please join us anyway.

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