Monday, August 22, 2011

Three Pairs of Dueling Republican Candidates

All right, I said I was going to be offline this week, but here’s an exercise for the reader (and commenter, if you’d care to post your thoughts): Which candidate do you prefer in each of the following hypothetical face-offs, and why? 

(Note: These really are the six candidates or potential candidates who, at the moment, seem to me most likely to be viable as the year ends and the primaries approach.)

•Mitt Romney vs. Rick Perry

•Michele Bachmann vs. Sarah Palin

•Ron Paul vs. Rudy Giuliani 


PK said...

Romney, Bachmann, and Paul.

Dave said...

Romney. I think he's more electable. He may change his opinions with the wind, but so does the public. Also, I think he's got a high vantage point from which to attack Obamacare - the Repubs lost that debate because they took their eye off the main Dem point - insurance for people who can't afford it. Romney has that under his belt. And I'd like to see him trounce Obama in debates. Because he will. But Perry is still new to me, so I can't say much about him yet.

Bachman. I want very much to hear my liberal friends pretend they're somehow more mindful of the needs of the neediest Americans while condescendingly criticizing a 23 time foster mother who also owns a mental health center. I also enjoy articles criticizing her for working for the IRS (calling her a hypocrite, which is BS - you can be pro-law enforcement and anti-tax) when all this tells me is that she may indeed be somewhat qualified to approach tax reform. And I want to see the left attack her for holding the same policy view of gay marriage as Barack Obama. Oh yeah, I want more articles attacking her for falsely claiming that John Wayne was born in Waterloo while the article falsely claims that John Wayne Gacy was born there. Sarah Palin.... I have trouble seeing as being treated unfairly.

Ron Paul. In '08, I liked Giuliani because I thought as him as being unafraid of holding an unpopular stance. But Giuliani has nothing on Ron Paul in that respect. Also in '08 I bought the image of Obama being this intellectual who would rise above the talking point fray. But Paul demonstrates that he himself is that person every time someone takes the time to take him seriously.

Gerard said...

Mitt Romney vs. Rick Perry


Thane Eichenauer said...


But I would only really trust Paul. Neither a book nor a half-decent voting record can provide the slam dunk guaranteed end of wasteful foreign imperialism that Ron Paul can.