Friday, August 12, 2011

Politicians Are Scary

•So Romney still looks like the leader of the pack after last night’s debate, I suppose – which makes it unfortunate that a couple acquaintances of mine think he looks like he’d be well cast as the Devil.  In fact, I think Peter Fonda had a similar tall and chisel-faced vibe as Mephisto in Ghost Rider.

•Tim Pawlenty is lame.  He sounds unconvincing even when telling the truth.

Meanwhile, among the potential candidates not in attendance:

This article makes it sound like the Palins belong on a very different sort of reality show from the one Sarah did with all the hunting.

•Scarier still, I can’t help thinking that some pictures of Rick Perry at his prayer event over the weekend looked a lot like Bill Sienkiewicz illustrations of stereotypical right-wing politicians from 1980s comic books (even a subtle Neal Adams influence!).  On a related note, the picture of Sienkiewicz himself accompanying this article is definitely one for the “Holy crap, cartoonists really do always look like they drew themselves” file.

But we can discuss all these deep insights and tomorrow’s Iowa Straw Poll on Monday at Langan’s (7pm).

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