Monday, August 15, 2011

Manhattans Project finale tonight

Tonight (Mon. the 16th) from 7-10pm, we'll drink at Langan's (47th just east of 7th).

•Today is also the fortieth anniversary of the villainous Nixon taking us off the gold standard (but also a time to reflect that Ron Paul was #2 in this weekend's Ames Straw Poll and turns 76 this week).

•Objectivist Ed Thompson also notes that today is the forty-second anniversary of the first day of Woodstock.

•But not everything from the 60s remains in the hands of the left, culturally: Note that the new (and non-Caucasian) Spider-Man appears to be involved in a plot right off the bat that criticizes the union-dominated public school system.

•And amidst all the other news, let us not forget that the insurance-buying mandate part of Obamacare was found unconstitutional -- as lawyer and Democrat Koli Mitra told me three years ago might happen, by the way, so them Democrats is smart sometimes -- and this may warrant a toast.

If you can't make it tonight, note that 

(A) you can catch Manhattans Project regular Abe Greenwald tomorrow (Tue., 6-8pm) on a panel about the War on Terror at the Ethical Culture Society, 

(B) you'll find recent Manhattans Project speaker (and libertarian Democrat) Dan O'Connor throwing his official campaign launch party on Sept. 9 (6:30pm) at good ol' Lolita Bar on the Lower East Side, and 

(C) you'll hear from me again as soon as the new series of Williamsburg bar events I'm hosting (the Brooklyn Forum, which will manage to combine more socializing, more politics, and more entertainment all at the same time, if all goes according to plan) is up and running. 

I'd put all these things on my calendar right now if I were you.  Nice to see you at even one, though.

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