Saturday, June 11, 2011

Serenity Now! And Raw Power!

Acclaimed children’s illustrator Brian Floca (who I saw at our Brown reunion last month) points out this massive chart of different superhuman powers.  (This may come in handy for organizing information spewing out of the Los Angeles movie convention where DC Comics co-publishers Geoff Johns and Jim Lee are today discussing DC’s relaunch of all its comics/characters.)

One person who has crime-fighting powers of which I was unaware is Seinfeld veteran Jason Alexander, who apparently is, in all seriousness, a master of multiple martial arts, has devised his own fighting style, and has even beaten up muggers on two different occasions, breaking one fellow’s arm in two places (so says my pal Nybakken, who has some theatrical fight-training and the like himself, I should note, so beware).

The Seinfeld cast was full of surprises.  I wonder if the cast of the show that taught us to use the mantra “Serenity now!” to avoid (or cause) violence would endorse the claim made by Prof. X in X-Men: First Class that the sweet spot for controlling one’s powers lies halfway between rage and serenity...which sounds like it would just be sort of a normal, boring state of mind, actually.  Sort of like being halfway between extreme danger and perfect safety.  Whatever. 

Speaking of battles, Dan Gerstein noted this cool article on literary feuds, some genuinely violent, some very clever, and more and more of them fought on Twitter (including a campaign against Jonathan Franzen led in part by former Wonder Woman writer Jodi Picoult).  The person for whom my respect is most increased by the article, oddly enough, is Roseanne Cash.

(Ornery literary figures, including Shya Scanlon and James Thurber, were also a major theme of my blog entry yesterday, if you missed it.)

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