Saturday, June 4, 2011

Never Let Me Down Again (If I Embody Your Values)

At my Junto speech on Thursday, which ranged from alternative rock to politics, one intense Randian began somewhat-critical comments by saying, "A is A...people are people," and I was sorely tempted to begin my conciliatory response, with some thematic justification, by saying, "Indeed, people are people -- so why should it be you I should get along so awfully?"  But he went on for a bit, and the moment passed.

(This will, I swear, be my "Month of Eugenics" on the blog, but surely linking to that song is a reminder I am nonetheless no hatemonger.  Before the eugenics, though: more alternative rock coming up Monday, if all goes as planned.)

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Dave said...

That was an rough crowd - I was disappointed and somewhat offended that you didn't account for all Muslim terrorist groups in the middle east in explaining why free trade is better economic policy than excessive taxation. Or maybe that was someone else, who can remember?

On a more serious note, I was thinking about your thesis, and I think you can go beyond using punkish language/slogans to reach that population. A more in depth conversation can raise the natural progression of socializing medicine and making unhealthy behaviors such as mosh pits or smoking or home-done piercings illegal as a cost control measure. Or, expanding government funding for the arts leading naturally to opening whothe recipients are up to a vote, since you're asking the public at large to fund your industrial feedback collage, perhaps they'd like to give that money to whoever they voted for for American Idol instead. I think casually making statements like that as though you agree that they're the natural next step might encourage punks to argue with the socialist premises.