Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Scarry Women and a Giant Spaceman in Europe

I’m not sure if they’re products of eugenics, but behold Fiona and Olympia Scarry – the Austrian/French/Italian/New York/London-dwelling granddaughters of beloved children’s illustrator Richard Scarry (had I known what I was helping to create when asking my parents to buy the book Busytown...).

Olympia (left in the linked photo) tells interviewers she was long a spiked-collar-wearing goth unable to truly love, after her teenage years in New York City – but has since studied both psychology and art and gained a broader social network, after her art opening in Milan, which dealt in part with the oppression of women by the fashion industry and employed bra and panty imagery.

On her Twitter feed, she notes that she is “the most outrageous woman ever” and that she “hates retarded man,” who I believe is a Viennese superhero. 

I would sacrifice both women to Odin if I thought it would resurrect Grandpa.

And speaking of characters appearing in Marvel Comics, you might be pleased to learn that in current Marvel canon, SHIELD is not just a spy organization headed by Samuel L. Jackson but in fact a Da Vinci Code-like brotherhood that existed long before its U.S.-government incarnation, founded by ancient Egyptian chancellor Imhotep with help from the original, ancient Moon Knight and the first mutant, Apocalypse – and with later members including Da Vinci (who had operational ornithopters and the ability to time-travel to the present) and Galileo, who apparently once battled the planet-eating giant named Galactus.

I hope all that somehow makes it into the Captain America movie next month.

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Anonymous said...

The one on the right looks like her boobs did something bad and she's punishing them.