Saturday, March 27, 2010

Blackest Night/Brightest Day Prediction

I may be focusing on politics like never before in the near future, but since a comics-reading friend is in town, I think today’s entry should be geeky.

Though I haven’t collected comics for about nine months now, I know from online info that the DC Comics series Blackest Night ends with a big fight against the deathgod Nekron — and that the sequel series Brightest Day begins with Aquaman restored to life.  My prediction, which I would bet $450 trillion is completely accurate: Nekron is and has always been Aquaman, as will be revealed when the heroes rip off his skull mask.  It all makes perfect sense that way because all life came from the sea, and now Nekron/Aqauaman’s simply come to reclaim what he created back when he was named Neptune eons ago and invented the fish and the seaweed.

Most likely, he will henceforth have telepathic control over fish again but only zombie fish and DC will attempt to make him a “morally grey” character on the edges of criminality, akin to Wolverine, since he’s killed millions of people.  Atlantis will perhaps become a “city of the dead,” and Aquaman will charge people admission to visit their dead relatives there, like a cross between Heaven and Seaworld, perhaps as a means of atoning for his attempt to kill the whole universe.  This obviously creates all sorts of team-up potential with old, deceased characters except they will wear SCUBA gear and be zombies, which is sort of cool.

Speaking of people who eat people, if all goes as planned, I’m attending a cannibalism-themed party tonight and possibly visiting Coney Island beforehand, so if any comics nerds think the predictions above sound inaccurate, chalk it up to me thinking of human-eating and of freaks near the sea.


Todd Seavey said...

UPDATE: Coney plan didn’t happen, so no excuse now.

david said...

Scuba zombies!

Todd Seavey said...

[...] P.P.S. Speaking of sea-dwellers (such as the folks at the Seasteading Institute), I read online that in DC Comics, a recently-resurrected Aquaman has waged a battle in recent months against zombie fish he accidentally summoned with his telepathy — a narrative that bares a disturbing resemblance to the deliberately-stupid plotline I suggested for that character in a blog post three months ago. [...]