Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Christianity vs. Cupcakes

Just in case anyone’s still confused about the difference between (or wants to be on the two separate e-mail invite lists for) the first-Wednesday monthly Debates at Lolita Bar I host and the third-Wednesday monthly Manhattan Project bar gatherings I also host (mainly for people who like to chat about politics), note that tomorrow should bring a posting of audio files from the former (our March 3 bout on the question “Is Christianity for Wimps?”) and another live iteration of the latter (6:30pm-on at Merchants NY East bar-restaurant, 62nd and First, back of the second floor), with, as admittedly often happens, a bit of crossover: Debater-and-more Helen Rittelmeyer from March 3 pointed out the special booze-filled cupcakes purveyed by CupcakeStop, and so tomorrow’s March 17 Manhattan Project gathering shall feature a baker’s dozen of them, just in time for St. Patrick’s — even though CupcakeStop, recently featured on Gothamist, turns out to reside in a roving truck, so I’ll have to meet up with it tomorrow down at the Flatiron Building (in which I used to work) to pick up the goods. I think it’ll be worth it, though.


Sean Dougherty said...

It was a really good cupcake. Thanks again.

Todd Seavey said...

You’re welcome — and the hot chick who suggested the cupcakes thinks your rakish presence adds to the ambiance every time.