Friday, March 26, 2010

Phoning, Kissing

I noticed a man with an accent, likely an African immigrant, walking on the street talking on his cell phone and telling someone on the other end, perhaps his wife, about some roughhousing by a child. “He kept going like this,” the man said, and began demonstrating with whacks of his arm that could not be seen by the person on the other end, then resumed talking about related matters. Strange result of being from a culture less accustomed to modern communications technology? Momentary slip-up? Insanity? Hard to say.

On a similar but less futile note, a woman I used to date, Marah Fellicce, was on online radio this past Sunday in her new role as an expert on kissing. Maybe that actually works better without visuals — forces you to describe it and everything. The cell phone guy’s approach would not be good radio.

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