Wednesday, March 17, 2010

DEBATE AUDIO: Is Christianity for Wimps?

Below, courtesy of Michel Evanchik, you can download the first four of the twelve audio clips from our debate two weeks ago between Richard Spencer and Helen Rittelmeyer on the question “Is Christianity for Wimps?” — beginning with me telling an icebreaking bear joke I got from my skeptic boss’s Catholic husband — and next month, as my Book Selection for April, I’ll post the text I read aloud from History of the Goths. All roads lead to this debate. (And everyone else meets tonight at 6:30 at Merchants NY East for our separate monthly Manhattan Project political chat-and-drink event.) More in the next few days.

Is Christianity for Wimps 1 of 12: Seavey intro

Is Christianity for Wimps 2 of 12 Spencer opening argument

Is Christianity for Wimps 3 of 12 Rittelmeyer opening/rebuttal

Is Christianity for Wimps 4 of 12 Spencer rebuttal

More to come.

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Edgar P. said...

I wonder if the pagan Romans of antiquity had a similar joke as in the introductory remarks, only with lions instead of bears : )