Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cons and Corn

One silver lining of the Obama era: more and more, I overhear New Yorkers — especially older women, it seems — saying things like “We need less government, not more!”  Never before in my years in NYC have I overheard such sentiments on the street or in restaurants — except among my acquaintances, of course.

Speaking of restaurant conversation, I was told by my friend Justin this past Saturday that he once worked at a restaurant and was troubled to see a mysterious, abandoned suitcase sitting behind the place for days.  Finally, with some small amount of fear, he sent a subordinate to open the suitcase and see what was inside.  His subordinate came back inside, visibly baffled.  The contents?  Corn.  Many ears of corn, as well as a bag of kernels removed from the cob.

I assure this terrifying tale is not an April Fool’s joke, nor in fact will anything in my April 1 entry be, but that entry will touch on Obama again, as he is part of the subject matter of our next Debate at Lolita Bar (coming up April 7).

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