Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Year's Biggest Film?

I’ve been saying for a couple years now that it would be amazing when Sylvester Stallone’s mercenaries-vs.-Latin-American-dictator movie The Expendables came out, as it does in August, with a cast consisting of every bemuscled action star you can think of, from Jason Statham and Jet Li to Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger — and Randy Couture, Charisma Carpenter, and more to boot.

Given how many famous mugs would have to clutter up the poster to do everyone justice, I think they took a wise minimalist approach instead.  And they don’t even list Willis or Schwarzenegger.  Every American male with a pulse will feel morally obligated to see this film at least once, no matter how stupid it might be.

And tomorrow, as it happens, a note on a guy I know who has actually done hostage retrieval work in Latin America and is now running for Congress…

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