Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Subletting Utopia

apt1.JPG  apt2.JPG
Interested in subletting an Upper East Side studio apartment that feels like a one-bedroom (nicely shaped) available from Dec. 24-Apr. 30 while its owner is out of town on an assignment?

(The fact that I’m asking is a reminder how far removed our real lives nowadays seem from the Utopia schemes I blogged about all last month.  Utopias, no matter how much they are meant as models for the future, tend to be old-fashioned in this respect: They are usually static and rooted in one spot.  Our age is increasingly fluid, and as Richard Sennett, a Marxist but no dope, has lamented — not without cause — people’s very personalities are being changed by the incentives of an era in which happiness requires a willingness to switch jobs, locations, and even circles of friends without much feeling the resulting dislocations.  The person comfortable with rootlessness is rewarded, perhaps even to the point of encouraging callousness — but there are rewards and efficiencies and new possibilities in the process as well, of course.)

In any case, contact the very nice Federman.Sarah[at]gmail.com to handle the details if you’re interested in the following (and I don’t plan to do any more announcements of this sort here, so don’t ask), and I can attest it’s a very nice place:

About $1900/mo. Available December 24th-April 30th.  A fully furnished alcove studio, spacious with lots of light, closet space, and very quiet. Exposed brick wall, Spanish tile in the kitchen, and easy access to subway, supermarkets, bars, gyms, restaurants, museums, Central Park, and the East River. In January, you might be able to rent it directly from the agent. This is a very special little haven, located in a great neighborhood.  Even brighter and more spacious than photos suggest.

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