Friday, November 20, 2009

D&D vs. Socialized Medicine, You vs. NASA

It’s nice to see the Onion-like site Op-Toons using Dungeons & Dragons to criticize socialized medicine, which may well be inflicted upon this already financially-collapsing nation as early as tomorrow.  The Op-Toons spot is a reminder that more and more I find myself thinking that it’s neither philosophy nor policy that I need to master but psychology.

Why do people intuit the way they do, and how does one get them to incorporate basic economic insights into their thinking, so that nothing like the Obama administration — or any party’s “stimulus” or “job creation” plans — ever happens again?  I don’t know, but that is surely the major obstacle to human wellbeing, not failure to acquire more stats or to craft a sufficiently lovely metaphysical picture of humanity involving the word “normative.”  And the problem is a broadly human one, not just a liberal one: You can’t read conservative lamentations about culture being reduced to materialism without recognizing some of the same resentment of economic reasoning found in liberal lamentations about “putting profits before people” and other incoherent slogans.

If you share my frustration with government, why not take it out on NASA by debating in public on Dec. 2 that it should be abolished?  (E-mail my Earthlink address discernible from my right margin to volunteer.)  And just to prove I am not aesthetically opposed to spacefaring in general, tomorrow a look at some news about Star Trek.


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