Sunday, November 22, 2009

GQ Dec. in Hardcopy: Men of the Year (and Ayn Rand and me)

The GQ article that quotes me (and fellow libertarians Michael Malice and Nick Gillespie) on the topic of Ayn Rand is now on newsstands, in their December issue — which happens to be a special Men of the Year edition with multiple covers.  I have a copy of the Chris Pine version, and I figure I’ll give my parents the one that proclaims Clint Eastwood “Badass of the Year.”  You should collect every version, if you’re a Todd Seavey completist.

This Andrew Corsello-penned article is something to be thankful for, in this week of gratitude, even if one doesn’t agree with his every word.  Similarly, tomorrow I will explain, in my Book of the Month Selection, why we should all be grateful to the trashy sci-fi series called the Lensmen Chronicles, even if we roll our eyes at E.E. “Doc” Smith’s hyperbolic writing.  Without Lensmen, who knows if we would even have had Star Trek and thus the Chris Pine version of the GQ I’m in?

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Gerard said...

Fusionism with the left, it’s not just for Jacob Levy anymore:

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