Monday, November 2, 2009

DEBATE AT LOLITA BAR: Are Che, Castro, Chavez, and Their Ilk Bad for Latin America?


“Are Che, Castro, Chavez, and Their Ilk Bad for Latin America?” — a Debate at Lolita Bar, this Wed., Nov. 4 (at 8pm), downstairs at 266 Broome St. (at Allen St.) on the Lower East Side, one block south of the Delancey St. subway.

Arguing yes: THOR HALVORSSEN, activist, defender of free speech on campus, and in 2005 founder of the Human Rights Foundation, focusing on individual rights in Latin America.

Arguing no: SPIKE APPEL, leftist, participant in the recurring United States Social Forum gatherings on indigenous people and economic exploitation — and a former child reporter for Children’s Express.

Moderating: Michel Evanchik. Hosting: Todd Seavey.

Voting on the question at the end: you — and bring any supporters, detractors, or sympathetic critics you care to summon. Viva la Debate at Lolita Bar!

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Todd Seavey said...

[...] •As we face the prospect of a term-limits-busting Mayor Bloomberg beginning another four years of running New York City, I’d just like to say, in the interests of racial harmony, that I don’t think I could hate politicians any more if they did turn out to be reptilian.  (Given that, maybe the likes of Castro and Chavez aren’t really all that extraordinary — but that’s what we’ll debate tomorrow at Lolita Bar, so please join us.) [...]