Monday, November 16, 2009

Crisis Clinic, Horney Clinic

This disaster-movie weekend just ended, with the world coming to an end in 2012, reminded me of my favorite Far Side cartoon, namely the one depicting the travails of a Crisis Clinic.

That in turn reminds me of an unfortunately-named institution just around the corner from the bar/restaurant where I host the monthly Manhattan Project social gatherings for people interested in politics (the next one being this Wed., Nov. 18, from 6:30pm-on if you care to join us — back of the second floor of Merchants NY East, at 62nd and First).  A block west of us on 62nd is, yes, the Horney Clinic, as I can’t help noticing each time I walk to the Manhattan Project gatherings (the Karen Horney Clinic, to be precise).

And, yes, the Horney Clinic specializes — quite nobly, no doubt — in helping victims of incest and sexual abuse, as well as in managing general foster care.  You just know some of those kids are going to grow up making a certain crucial spelling error over and over again, but I suppose that’s the least of their problems, and I wish them well.


Gerard said...

Ah, Gary Larson.


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