Thursday, November 5, 2009

Status of Play


Saul Devitt, after last night’s debate, talked about the Australian obsession with sports.  Lest we pretend America is more mature, note that the A.P. reports:

Along with the Big Wheel and the Game Boy video device, the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester[, NY] chose the ball on Thursday to join its all-star lineup of 41 classics, ranging from the bicycle and the kite to the jump rope, the teddy bear, and Mr. Potato Head.

Excellent choices.  If there’s also a Weak National Museum of Play, presumably it instead contains non-classics ranging from the beanbag chair and a non-flying rectangle, to string, the teddy sloth, and an actual potato (uncooked, since those are less fun — then again, I once met a punk who said a friend of hers was paid as a dominatrix once to throw uncooked potatoes at a man’s crotch, surely something that a healthy, properly-socialized person could get for free).

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