Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She Wants Revenge (and Is a Cyborg)

Free-associatively continuing yesterday’s Germanic theme, I think all good-hearted people miss the band Bauhaus more than the architecture movement after which it’s named (much as I prefer the solo work of Peter Murphy, who I’ve seen in concert about four times and whose “Cuts You Up” I’d love to do in karaoke if it were ever on the song lists). Luckily, we now have the band She Wants Revenge, who are admirably blatant in their imitation of the earlier band, especially in the Hunger-inspired video for “Written in Blood.” In their video for “These Things,” we also get to see Shirley Manson (the singer from Garbage, formerly a Terminator, and a cyborg in a rock video even before she was a Terminator) being intimidating again — and maybe just a little Germanic to boot.

ADDENDUM: On a more typically-American musical note, if anyone I already know (and who is not manifestly hostile) wants to be my guest at a Neko Case concert in Manhattan on Monday the 16th, e-mail me at the Earthlink address found via my right margin (Helen presumably being in DC that night).

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