Thursday, November 19, 2009

Music-Filled November

It’ll have been a music-filled couple of weeks, since (1) Helen and I saw the fine country band the Doc Marshalls, led by our friend Nick Beaudoing, down in Arlington a week ago Friday, (2) I saw Neko Case perform in NYC on Monday, (3) I’m seeing the Upper Crust tomorrow at 10pm at Public Assembly in Williamsburg for a mere ten bucks and so should you, (4) Nybakken and I are seeing the Pixies on Tuesday (having just seen the spin-off band the Breeders a couple months ago — and it only now occurs to me one of those band names sounds gay and the other straight, perhaps not coincidentally), and (5) I should see Pirate Radio at some point, ahistorical whitewashing of the censorious leftist politicians notwithstanding.

Well, that’s accomplishment enough for one month.  I’m going to bed.

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Gerard said...

Not nearly enough Irish folk bands on that list.