Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Libertarians on Wall Street, Video, and Bookshelves (PLUS: TODD IN DC THIS WEEKEND!)

•Well, Gary Johnson’s apparently not in tonight’s debate (which I’ll once more watch with anarcho-capitalists, at the bar at 222 East 14th St. if you care to join me) – but this afternoon he will be at Occupy Wall Street, where I really, really hope he miraculously gives a speech transcending the right/left divide, singlehandedly uniting OWS and Tea Party – and all of humanity – behind a truly progressive libertarian agenda.  Or at least that he doesn’t get pepper-sprayed. 

Cain confuses the left and has Koch ties, which are both good things (here’s a Koch Institute video that sums up what that oft-vilified bunch really believes: namely, that the U.S. is not as free-market as it used to be, and it’s a shame we’re at risk of becoming less dynamic than Canada).  Looks likely he wins Iowa (on Jan. 3) and Romney handily wins New Hampshire, so much may hinge, precedent-wise, on when New Hampshire decides to hold its primary. 

Ron Paul may not be atop the polls quite yet, but tomorrow’s another “money bomb” day of fundraising for him, which might wake a few more people up. 

•And if, as usual, electoral politics fails us, there is still the longer war of ideas, and today brings an important parry: the latest book from my old boss Judge Napolitano, It’s Dangerous to Be Right When the Government Is Wrong.  Where in the Constitution does it say you should not buy this book?

•As for me: I’ll be in DC Friday-Sunday, with the Phillips Foundation folks doubtless bar-going after their day-long Saturday meeting – and me, regardless, summoning one and all to brunch at Vermillion (1120 King St. in Alexandria) on Sunday at noon, if you care to find me in one of those sofa-type nooks in the back.  (One of the usual methods of contacting me oughtta work.  I’m not too reclusive.)  I hope Jonah Goldberg is nice during the Phillips Foundation meeting. 

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