Friday, January 14, 2011


I go on C-SPAN2 and point out a rising, disturbing form of sadistic nihilism on the right, disguised as Catholic traditionalism, and what is the esteemed Newsweek's thoughtful reaction (in their hardcopy edition of Nov. 1, 2010)?  "Entertaining, yes -- but, dude, not the forum." 

Given that some site also joked that I was obviously confused and rambling about irrelevancies when I mentioned G.K. Chesterton (and what are all these "footnote" things cluttering up the bottom of the page?), I have to wonder whether anything, personal or political, would have sounded worth mentioning to some listeners (ones in the media who pretend to understand things, mind you).  You disappoint me, culture, and it may be time I started punishing you for it more frequently. 

At least when a friend of mine (as excerpted yesterday) used "dude" in a reaction, he was dashing off a personal e-mail.  Newsweek probably had thoughtful editors weigh in on whether "dude, not the forum" was an apt summary of the ethical and philosophical charges being brought to bear. 

But tomorrow, the real "dude" issue: how those pathetic dumbasses in the so-called "pick-up artist" (PUA) community misread the whole incident.

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