Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Todd in Georgetown (and on C-SPAN2)

OK, it's official: the Georgetown panel I'm on with Jonah Goldberg, Helen Rittelmeyer, and Ashley Thorne (7:30pm Wednesday) is supposed to be taped by C-SPAN2, so try watching that if you can't be there.  Again, we'll be talking about the book Proud to Be Right, edited by Jonah and containing essays by the rest of us, such as my "Conservatism for Punks."

If you can't watch that, you might find it satisfying to see two characters (at the very end of the third clip down here) from the noirish comedy TV series Bored to Death claiming to be libertarians...

...or to see two characters from Mad Men claiming to be Ayn Rand fans, as pointed out to me by Austin Petersen (and coincidentally or not, that fellow playing Don Draper will reportedly literally be a Superman in two years -- and Zack Snyder, I'm delighted to hear, will direct).

I am not exactly Don Draper but can be seen here on that recent booze cruise, and I think I'll wear the same outfit on the C-SPAN panel, at the risk of looking stale.  I'm supposed to be conservative.  Here's birthday girl Laura who had the booze cruise.  Here's her friend Valerie Bronte, who sharp-eyed readers will recognize as an egg donor from one of our Debates at Lolita Bar.  And so on

Finally, here's a line from blogger Eve Tushnet, describing the book Decadence and Catholicism, that sounds uncannily like a description of one of the people mentioned above in this entry:

Hanson sometimes writes like two specific kinds of undergraduate: the Objectivist who thinks people only ever act out of self-interest (in Hanson's case, "pleasure"), and the *~*edgy*~* pomo for whom pursuit of truth is only interesting if it can be cast as an especially complex form of lying.

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