Friday, October 8, 2010

Blood on the Floor, Craziness on the Calendar

Carl Paladino, sort of punk in his own metaphorically-violent way, wants to appoint a blue-ribbon tax cut committee to recommend ways to roll back New York taxes, which is quite a contrast to his rival for New York governor, Andrew Cuomo's stated intention of merely slowing the rate of tax increases. 

Paladino was also a guest on Freedom Watch last week -- and who knows what wonders you'll see if you watch this weekend (first airing on FBN at 10am Eastern tomorrow and repeated three times over the weekend)?  It might just be our truthiest episode yet, to borrow an adjective from Stephen Colbert in this month of his March to Keep Fear Alive (one of my favorite Colbert fans is visiting town this weekend, so I have Colbert on the brain -- as opposed to on the show, I should say, lest I tease anyone). 

Over the past couple days, I was in DC, where Colbert will hold his march in three weeks, and they were strange days, I have to confess, which saw me doing that Proud to Be Right book release panel (apparently not airing on C-SPAN2 yet, for which I apologize), conferring with a military psychiatrist, watching astonishing footage of "wingsuits" in flight, having contact with three exes, meeting folks tied to a powerful corporation (during which I bumped unexpectedly into one of the exes' exes, leading to a strangely brief conversation about whether he approves of her behavior), hastily faxing a letter back to NYC meant to keep an acquaintance from being thrown out of the country, coping with professional intrigue, typing with my thumbs a lot (something I'd avoided for a decade or so), communicating with ladies, reading about Christopher Hitchens' mother committing suicide (more on that in my November Book Selections of the Month entry), and finally returning to NYC to (A) discover that reclusive history scholar Martin Sklar (author of my September Book Selection The Corporate Reconstruction of American Capitalism) has sent me a massive package of his writings and even an econ-themed novel by his wife and (B) be interviewed by an online publication about my life and philosophy, such as they are (remember that all the world is free to attack them both at Lolita Bar on the 14th at our 8pm "Todd Seavey vs. the World" event).  This, mere days after being interviewed for, I kid you not, an Ayn Rand-themed performance art piece, but more on that a couple months from now. 

Things have been a bit surreal.  There was also some alcohol in there somewhere.  But I'm calming down now.  Feeling a bit more stable.  Looking forward to next month's penultimate Harry Potter movie.  Ah, there we go.  Back to normal.

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