Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bar Brawlers, C-SPAN2 Schedule for Real, More

As it weren't showbiz enough that I'm appearing live at Lolita Bar, defending myself against any and all skeptical questions, tomorrow night (Thur. the 14th, 8pm, basement level, 266 Broome St.) and appearing on C-SPAN2 this weekend (OFFICIAL BROADCAST TIMES: Sat. 16th at 8pm Eastern, Sunday 17th at 9:30am and 10pm, only one of those conflicting with an airing of Freedom Watch, so you needn't miss that) with that panel featuring me, my ex Helen Rittelmeyer, Ashley Thorne, and our editor Jonah Goldberg (whose essay anthology Proud to Be Right we all appear in, me with my essay "Conservatism for Punks")...

•they've found a lost Stanley Kubrick movie;

•more troublingly, the Wachowski...uh...Siblings (Larry is really Lana at long last, apparently) are doing a movie about Iraq, Bush, and gayness, plus sci-fi;

•and I contend that seeing this film title on movie marquees across America is strange.

Lest I neglect to include a punk note, though, here's Sesame Street doing "Rebel L."  See you tomorrow night -- and on C-SPAN, not to mention bookstore shelves.

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