Monday, October 18, 2010

Harsh Mistress

The Cato Institute is doing a David Boaz-moderated book forum at noon this Thursday, the 21st, on Robert Heinlein, the libertarian who wrote, among other things, the overtly anarcho-capitalist novel The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress.  There is such a thing as a free book luncheon (I had to say that, obviously).  As a good utilitarian, I actually find myself wishing L.A.-dwelling Brian Doherty could be there more than that I could be there. 

I will be in NYC and will miss the event, though I was in DC the week before last to appear on that panel for Proud to Be Right that can (and should) be viewed here, and I'll be in DC again this coming Saturday for a gathering of my fellow Phillips Foundation Fellows.

It's not as though nothing happens in NYC, though: Tonight, you can join me at the monthly Manhattans Project social gathering of politics and media people I organize (third Monday of each month, 7-10pm, Langan's at 47th just east of 7th), and though I'm no longer organizing debates at Lolita Bar, you can catch a bigtime professional debate put on by Intelligence Squared U.S. on Tuesday the 26th about whether big government is stifling the American spirit, with both Arthur Laffer and Phil Gramm representing the good side.  (Of course, that's forty bucks, whereas we'll let you into Langan's for free.)


Anonymous said...

Anarcho-Capitalism is an oxymoron, there can never be true Anarchism if people are under the oppression of Capitalism or if there is a monetary system.

Just like the morons who think there can be Anarcho-Nationalism (wtf???)

If you want to be an Anarchist, read Goldman, read Berkman, read Chomsky and the history of the IWW.

If you get yourself a black cat and learn how to dumpster dive, we'll know you are serious.*grin*

But, until then, you are just Libertarians who smoke too much pot, and not that there is anything wrong with that, but you ain't Anarchists!

Anonymous said...

Todd, the CSPAN video is priceless. Creepy, baby! I now understand why conservatives can't get laid.

Anonymous said...

Count your lucky stars you are free of that wretch. Man, who would want to wake to that every day for the rest of your life.

Anonymous said...

Do you and the gap-toothed babe still have the occasional hate fuck?

Michael Mullane said...


You are such a geek. No wonder you are a single white conservative with no sense of a personal life to be found anywhere. Just saw your geeky dweeby rant on CSPAN. Wow, you define the word DORK. Wowza are you an idiot.

Anonymous said...

War Of The Roses playing on CSPAN? I didn't realize it had movies.