Friday, October 15, 2010

Cat Anarchist, Punk Conflicts, and Education

Might this cat be an anarchist?  (That cat video, which may be one of my favorites of all time, was pointed out by Lainie Frost.) 

If the cat is an anarchist, he may want to attend tonight's Dead Kennedys concert (and will likely enjoy the crowd-surfing) -- but it appears I will instead be partying with co-workers and later with Yalies -- as opposed to sparring with a Yalie, which you can see me do on C-SPAN2 Sat. 8pm and Sun. 9:30am and 10pm, remember.  I was, as some know, painstakingly merciful and circumspect in the process, even at the risk of appearing otherwise.  I am good; some others, unfortunately, are truly evil.

And speaking of Bad Religion, they are among the rock bands whose members include holders of Ph.D.s, as I learned from this article pointed out to me by Dr. Gil Ross, who is not only the second in command at ACSH, where I used to work, but also the swell guy who gave me my badass "DDT" t-shirt recently (at the release of the documentary 3 Billion and Counting), reminding one and all how to end bedbug infestations and millions of deaths from malaria alike.


Gerard said...

Even though he abandoned his studies, I still think Dexter Holland deserves an honorable mention. A Master's in Molecular Biology outranks a PhD in Political Science if you ask me, especially when you're discussing an nitwit like Tom Morello.

Todd Seavey said...

Needless to say, the people compiling the list chose to keep them separated.