Saturday, October 2, 2010

EVENTS: Todd in print (Oct. 5) DC (Oct. 6) combat (Oct. 14) another bar (Oct. 18)...and in a new blog format (now)!

My apologies for being aloof (and for having an as yet skeletal, rebooted blog) the past week or so, but big things are afoot, including the following items to put in your calendar, just for starters:

Tue., Oct. 5: The Jonah Goldberg-edited anthology Proud to Be Right hits shelves, including essays by me, Todd Seavey (called "Conservatism for Punks," of course), plus twenty-one other "Voices of the Next Conservative Generation," among them acquaintances of mine (or at least people I've met) such as Michael Brendan Dougherty, James Kirchick, Evan Coyne Maloney, James Poulos, and Helen Rittelmeyer.

Wed. Oct. 6, 7:30pm: Meet four contributors to the volume -- yours truly (Todd Seavey), Jonah Goldberg, Ashley Thorne, and Helen Rittelmeyer (yes, ’08-’10 ex-girlfriend Helen Rittelmeyer) all on a panel at Georgetown University's White-Gravenor Hall, in room 201A under the auspices of the Georgetown Republicans (here are further directions).  This will mark the first time Helen and I have spoken since she dumped me at the end of July, about three days before we learned who would be on the panel, so be there to share this magic moment.  Her essay is about loyalty.

Thur., Oct. 14, 8pm: It's "Todd Seavey vs. the World" (like the Scott Pilgrim movie but preferably without the evil exes) at Lolita Bar (266 Broome St. at Allen St. on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, one block south of the Delancey St. F J M Z subway stop).  After reading a few excerpts from my "Conservatism for Punks" essay, I will not merely answer questions about that essay but will take one challenging question (brief and with no follow-up) from every audience member with an objection to any element of my thinking, whether political, philosophical, aesthetic, personal, scientific, or otherwise, and I will defend myself -- successfully.  Don't miss it.

(And the Dead Kennedys are playing Irving Plaza the next night, fittingly, so I could be talked into that, too -- unless they're touring without Jello Biafra, which would just make no sense.)

Mon., Oct. 18, 7pm: After that climactic Lolita event, the political discussion and fallout continues at Langan's bar/restaurant (47th just east of 7th), where on the third Monday of each month I host the Manhattans Project social gathering for political and media people.  E-mail me at my first name followed by last name at Earthlink dot net if you want to be on the e-distribution list to be notified about those ongoing events (separate from the Lolita events) and aren't already.

The future: The refurbished blog (bear with me) will quickly grow in complexity and classiness, regaining
some of its currently-absent archival material in the process, rest assured.  More than ever, may it be the hub of a political and creative community, and after I am exhausted and battered on the 14th, I promise I won't have the energy to bite your head off even if I completely disagree with you.

And any Washingtonians likely to miss me on the 6th and regret it can always offer to put me up on the night of the 23rd, when I'll be back down there, having attended that day's gathering of the Phillips Foundation -- under whose auspices began the project that has led, years later, to the "Conservatism for Punks" essay noted above (among other things).

P.S. After that, prepare for Halloween, mid-term elections (same dif), and even more Freedom Watch-watching (this weekend's episode, which you can still catch at 8pm Eastern and Sunday 7pm and 11pm Eastern, on Fox Business Network, is to my knowledge the only show on which you'll see interviews with both tough-talking New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino and stoner-activist Tommy Chong, which is how we roll at Freedom Watch, a show not responsible for anything alarming said above or anything alarming done at the events described above).

P.P.S. If you're stuck in L.A. and looking for something to do, Reid Mihalko informs me that Will Ferrell is today attempting to gather the world's largest-ever assemblage of people dressed as superheroes, to promote his new animated film Megamind.  There are worse ways to spend a Saturday -- though I will be spending it in a better way, on a "booze cruise" on a ship sailing around Manhattan, pausing to glance with pity at New Jersey, a state which (as my colleague and leading blog-follower Lainie Frost informs me) passed up the chance to host the amazing old-timey set of the new hit HBO series Boardwalk Empire about 1920s Atlantic City -- Jersey regs apparently being even crazier than those of New York City, where the awesome set resides instead.  Indeed, that should perhaps be NYC's new slogan: "Where the awesome set resides."

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